Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


The Nealey's

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More summer fun...

What can you do with a bunch of teenagers?? Take them to Jelly Belly and fill them with a bunch of SUGAR!!! What was I thinking. LOL..

The things kids do with hair nets... :D
When you have teenagers, they keep you on your toes. Always laughing... :D

Jelly belly pics...

another surgery

These pictures are late. JD had surgery in July this year. I am still playing catch up. I am almost there.

How the day started..

JD woke up not feeling well. He would throw up about every 15 minutes. He had severe pain in his stomach. I drove him to the ER, after dad told him he had to go. He did not want to go. They did all the necessary tests in the ER... Then.. we found out that JD was one sick guy. If he would of not went to the hospital, he most likely would of went to his heavenly home. TO close for me. Why do guys have to be so stubborn??? He spent 14 days in the hospital, after they removed his ruptured appendix. After the surgery he still could not keep anything down. They had to run a few more tests on him. They thought his iliac (sp) was just sleeping, then they thought he had a blocked colon, then a pinched colon. He just would not stop throwing up.

He was so wanting to eat. Mom can you bring me some ice cream? He would try and it would come right back up. He not only had his appendix removed, but the area where they had his IV site, where the liquid nutrition food was being fed, was infected. Swollen, red and hot. The strange thing is we never really found out why he would not stop throwing up. He just finally stopped. Answer to prayer.

During his stay, he was finally able to get up and walk around. So we brought his puppy to come see him. It has been so many days and he had lost 30 pounds. She was not sure who he was. Then he came up to the car and called her. Then she just licked him all over the face. She was so excited. :D It was cute to watch.

Thank you to all who were praying and visiting him during this trying time.

A little treat that our Pastor and family brought to JD..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Welcome to America

TWO YEARS AGO TODAY!!! We were blessed with 2 new additions.
Olya Marie and Nadya Nikole..
This was in Sevastopol, Ukraine


Can not believe how much they have grown in the last 2 years..

Monday, November 16, 2009

A trip to San Fran...

We took the kids into the city for a day trip. We had my nephew Richard visiting from OK and we had the girls friend, visiting from the east coast. We decided it would be fun to take the bart into the city.. They were getting nervous about riding the tunnel under the water.. For lunch we went to Subway. It is fun to watch the look on peoples faces when they see our large group. There was no one in line at subway, but when we were done ordering the line was out the door. With all of us there. It must of seemed something good was going on and nobody wanted to miss it..
All in all it was a fun day...

Being silly, picking some guys nose. LOL!!!!

We made it to Pier 39..

we bring the party

Mom and Dad..

The girls..
The boys, missing JD..

Sea Lions...

We were able to watch this show. He was pretty funny..

It is getting dark...

Toma found a paper with naked butts on it. She got a kick out of it..